Want to hear what I sound like?

I’ve been getting lots of radio and podcast interviews recently. Today at 5pm (February 13, 2017) I’ll be on WPKN in Connecticut with Kevin Galleher’s Digging in the Dirt show, also available on Soundcloud.

I’ll also be at the Oregon Small Farm Conference this Friday, talking about weed control (not a radio interview, but still me speaking).

On last Friday I had a short little bit on Living the Country Life – sorry for the late notice there but I think you can still access that one if you like.

As much as I hate listening to myself talk, I kind of assume maybe other people might want to and that’s why people have me on their show? Seems like I ought to help them spread the word and I really do appreciate them getting the word out about my book to new audiences so I’m doing my best here.

This book was such a huge collaboration by so many people and I’m really glad to be promoting their good work and getting more people to see it. I wrote it but it wouldn’t have happened with out scores of folks at Storey Publishing, all of the farmers profiled in the book and more who I talked to in the process, and the good people around me every day that help me to work on projects like this.

There are more interviews coming up, so I’ll let you know when those are available.  Always interesting to see what all of the different outlets focus in on.

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