Upcoming Events Around the Country

This weekend, May 6-7, I’ll be promoting the book and giving two workshops at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville, North Carolina. Head over to their website (and scroll way down – authors are in alphabetical order by last name) for more details.

This will be my first time back in North Carolina in more than two decades! As a little piece of trivia, when I was  a wee lad my family lived in North Carolina so perhaps a bit of a homecoming?

I have a number of other events coming up this summer, and I’ll try to post more specifics as details get settled. If you can’t make it to the fair in Asheville, I’ll also be at their fair here in Oregon later in the summer. In June I’ll be in Southern Oregon for a workshop in conjunction with Rogue Farm Corps.

In July I’m very excited to be helping with a tour of small farms in conjunction with Slow Food Nations which will be in Denver, Colorado this year.

Nothing is solid yet, but I’m also hoping to make it to events in the Midwest and Northeast later this year so I’ll post about those once they’re confirmed.


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